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Privat Group

The Privat Group, or Privatbank Group (Ukrainian: Група “Приват”) is an influential business group in Ukraine grouped around the Privatbank. The group is controlled by the Ukrainian businessmen Henadiy Boholyubov, Oleksiy Martynov, and Ihor Kolomoysky (the latter being the leading partner, best known to public). Privat Group controls steel, oil, chemical, energy and food industry companies in Ukraine, Russia, Romania and the United States. Most businesses of the group (including Privatbank itself) are based in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, which is regarded as its “homeland”. Being a business oligarch entity, Privat Group controls several Ukrainian media, maintains close relations with politicians and sponsors professional sports.

The businesses of Privat Group are not formally included in a corporation, and its top managers sometimes state that there is no such group at all.[1] However, either PrivatBank or "Privat-Intertrading" company indirectly own all companies regarded as parts of the group. Typically, industrial companies are controlled through a complicated chain of offshore companies. Despite this, the Ukrainian public has a clear understanding of what exactly belongs to the group. To describe such relations, the media use the wording “company X is controlled by the Privat Group" or "the business of the X company is being organized by the PrivatBank". The group never denies such statements.

Steel industry

Various steel companies form the core of the Privat Group, presenting a full manufacturing chain of metallurgy. This oldest and most important part of the group is mostly located in and around Dnipropetrovsk

Ore mining and processing companies

  • Marhanets Mining&Processing Kombinat and Ordzhonikidze Mining&Processing Kombinat extract and enrich ferroalloy ores, controlling the domestic market of this raw material (cities of Marhanets and Ordzhonikidze, respectively)
  • “Suha Balka” JSC extracts iron ore (Kryvyi Rih)
  • Pivdennyi Mining&Processing Kombinat (co-owned with Vadim Novinskyi) extracts and enriches iron ore (also in Kryvyi Rih)

Ferroalloy mills

  • Apart from its ferroalloy-ore assets, Privat Group has stakes in all three of Ukraine's ferroalloy mills and controls two of them.
  • Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant, the world's second ferroalloy manufacturer (co-owned and fiercely fought over with the Interpipe Group) (Nikopol)
  • Stakhhanov Ferroalloys Plant (Stakhanov, Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine)
  • Zaporizhzhia Ferroalloys Plant (Zaporizhzhia)
  • Alapayevsk Metallurgy Plant (Alapayevsk, Russia)
  • Ferroalloys company in Romania (mentioned by the group co-owner but undisclosed as yet)
  • Highlanders Alloys LLC (New Haven, USA)

Steel mills

Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgy Kombinat named after Petrovskyi (Dnipropetrovsk)